Liza Minteer

Liza Minteer brings a wealth of philanthropic work to Bailey's Buddies Foundation.

A Bradenton, Florida native and Florida Southern graduate, Liza has strong community roots and a deep love for animals.

"We can take care of ourselves, but animals are defenseless and give to us unconditionally. I have always been drawn to caring and taking care of animals"

Non-profits relating to animals have always been in her forefront. Liza is also involved with many other organizations including: The American Cancer Society, Hope Family Services, Bradenton Women's Resource Center, SCF Scholarship Foundation and the 3-day Breast Cancer Walk.

In 2016, Liza was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. After undergoing chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant, Liza is cancer free. Her experience has made her appreciate and love those who stood by her even more and to have a zest for life each and every day. She is a true inspiration to us all!